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The Need to Express

... La vie boheme. Power to the people. Act up. Fight AIDS. Go anarchy. Yeah.

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The Need to Express - A RENT LJ Comic
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Welcome to
The need to express

... a webcomic about love, life, and living each day of it as if it were your last. And, you know, that whole Bohemia thing everybody's been talking about.

Sit down. Get comfy. Have a drink. We're all friends here.

And go view the FAQ!

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rentitarians - I'm a Larsonian under the order of St. Mark. What are you? Go join, silly people.
today4u_comic - Fellow Rent comic. :)
bohemiandoodles - Another Rent comic. Absolutely insanely freaking cute. Go check it out.
close_on_mark - Rentdoodles. So cute ^^
3ljay - Livejournal comic. Very original :D

All art by intotheseine. Please please please let me know if you're going to use for graphics/whatnot.

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